International and National Airports in Pakistan

Following are the international and national airlines in Pakistan.

Quid-e-Azam International Airport: it is situated in Karachi and served for many other airlines like Cathay Pacific, British Airline, Swiss, Singapore, Emirates, Turksih Airlines, and PIA. After every 25 minutes coaches are run to the city, this airport gives all the services like post office, free shops, banks and other different shops.

Allama Iqbal International Airport: this airport is situated in Lahore; it is completely renovated with new terminals for international departure and arrivals. Many other airways are also operating there like Qatar airways, Singapor Airways, emirates, PIA, Thai Airways, Saudia Airlines, Kuwait Airlines and almost four other local airlines. On this airport there are shops and restaurants.

Islamabad International Airport: this airlport is currently modernized to meet the modern need of the passenger. Many other airlines are operating there, including all the above, there are all the facilities.

Domestic Airports:

  • Gilgat
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Skardu
  • Migora
  • Gowadar


  • Aero Asia International Airlines
  • Shaheen International Airlines
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Airblue Airlines

Approximate flight time:

The approximate flight times are

  • From Karachi to Los Angeles is 22 hours and 30 minutes,
  • To London it is seven hours and 40 minutes
  • To New York it is 21 hours and 40 minutes
  • To Singapore it is seven hours and 15 minutes
  • To Riyadha it is 3 hours and 35 minutes