Islamabad-the best tourist attraction

Faisal Mosque

”Islamabad” the Capital city of Pakistan; located at the north east of Rawalpindi. Islamabad could be said the well constructed city of Pakistan. It has natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere throughout the year, therefore it is the center of attraction for tourists from Pakistan and abroad also. There are numerous places in Islamabad which worth seeing, such as Shaker Pariaan, Daman e Koh, Raawal Lake, Simli dam, Fatimah Jinah Park and Rose & Jasmine Garden are must visited places for the tourists visiting Islamabad. The most famous tourist place of Islamabad is Shah Faisal Mosque (A Gift By Saudi King Shah Faisal). Lok virsa Museum is one of the very unique museums; it has more than 25 interconnect galleries exhibiting the culture of Pakistan. National art galaxy is one of the modern of its kind in Pakistan with more than 450 pieces of Art Work, which include classical paintings and sculpture. Daman-e-Koh is a very beautiful place with a view of whole Islamabad City, for the same reason it’s also called Isalamabad view point. In the south of Sectors G-6 and G-7 there is Shaker Pariaan located in the naturally green area; greeting its visitors with a very pleasant atmosphere.

President House Islamabad

Near Shaker Pariaan another place attracting the tourists is the Pakistan Monument; representing the four provinces with a heart touching view of city from the height. Near G-5 Sector there is valley Nur Pur Shahaan; famous for the historical Shrine of a famous saint and Shirine of Pir Mehar Ali Shah in Golra Shareef also worth seeing. On the foot of Margalla hills there is a small village, away from the noisy life of Islamabad city, a lot of national Pakistani and foreign tourists. Siadu Pur village has many local food outlets with offering very tasty Desi food to the visitors. Islamabad and its healthy life style are matter of attraction for every person visiting.