Kaghan is said to be a jewel amongst the many breathtaking sights in the District Mansehra of Hazara division. It is a part of Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa Province. This valley covers about 160 kilometers area. Kaghan Valley is the most popular tourist resort of Pakistan attracting the Tourists from Pakistan as well as of abroad.

Lake Saiful Muluk is a must see place for the visitors and one of the top attractions of Kaghan. Most of the visitors coming to Kaghan and Naran also visit this breath taking lake. Tourists also enjoy a walk of about 08 Km track; which takes approximately 03 hours, but on the physically fit tourists are to have walk and climb up to 3000 meters in 08 Km. It may create a problem for those having breathing diseases.


The worth seeing points of this valley are lush green Pine forests, lakes and icy mountain streams. Kunhar River is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist resorts of the valley, the location of Kunhar River is between Kaghan and Naran. Local people are very much simple and friendly.

Fishing could be called the chief sport for the tourist visiting Kaghan. The famous Brown Trout and Mahasher are found in the crystal clear Kunhur River between. These are of the tastiest fish throughout the world. Trout found in Kunhar river one of the best in South Asia.

They push their cattle herd to highest peaks of Kaghan Valley in with the start of spring and return again in the start of autumn. While traveling to Kaghan you may find their camps near the road or climbing up or down the mountainous valley along with their herds such as sheep and goats.


The tourist visiting may stay beautifully furnished PTDC Hotel at Naran, which charge very reasonably prices as compared to other hotels and rest houses.


A tour to Kaghan will surely etch is memories in your Mind