Kalam-the beautiful valley

Valley Kalam Valley is located at the highest peaks by the River Sawat in District Sawat, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The valley Kalam is well-known due  to its  crystal clear waterfalls, lush green hills, and lakes. Kalam is at about 270 kilometeres from the capital city Islamabad. It is one of the tourist’s resorts of Pakistan.

Hieght of Kalam above the sea level is aproximately 2000 meters. In the valley Kalam the Utrot and Ushu rivers come together to form River Sawat. Here, the metallic road ends at Kalam and shingle road extends to the Utrot and Ushu valleys. Snow capped Matiltan peak of the Mount Falaksir is about 5918 meters higher than the sea level, offering a breathtaking sight to the visitors

Have snacks at the “Charpoy Restaurants” whereas dimming your feet in the Swat River. Purchase fruit (cherries, mangoes, plums, apples). Find a nice spot through the river. Dip fruit in river for 15 min. Enjoy! Ride up to Ushu, Utrot, Dhamaka Lake, Mahodand Lake. Most of the tracks are jeep tracks. Jeeps are available for hire at about PKR 750 on every trip.

Drive carefully and slowly. There is very much of loose gravel and mud and the vehicle may slide very simply. This may be very serious, as there are no guard rails along the corner of the road. The water of Swat River is extremely cold and very fast running. The rocks in the water may be slippery and unstable. Be very careful, especially with children.

Still camera film is obtainable in Kalam main bazaar and there is a photo processing shop also. Conversely, improve some particular batteries, memory cards, video camera tapes, DVD-Rs, etc with you. Even if they are obtainable, they might cost you more.