Kalar Kahar

Kallar Kahar! Basically is a union council; that is a part of District Chakwal in Province Punjab. It is a tourist spot at 25 Km in the southwest of Chakwal City. It is prominent for its instinctive plants, peacocks and saltwater ponds. Its distance from the twin cities is approximately 125 km.

One of the tourist attracts in this region is an ancient temple Named Katas raj temples, which is situated in Choa Saidanshah tehsil. In year 1998 a project named “Pak German Project” was started. A technical institution is also there in Kalar Kahar, which is distinctive for its Diploma in Mining. Moreover Cadet College Kalar Kahar is also a notable place which is producing named Cadet College Kallar, this college has given many professionals such as Armed Forces Officers, Doctors and Engineers and played its part in the development of Country. Another well known educational institute in Kalar Kahar is Fizaia Inter College Kalar Kahar. It would not be wrong if said that Kalar Kahar is educational hub of District Chakwal due to these institutions and many more.


Kalar kahar

One of the tourist attractions in Kalar Kahar is ancient Takht-e-Babri; which is a stage made of stone for the famous Indian emperor Babar to attend his army, while descending from Kabul in the journey of the crown of Delhi. The same time as his stay at Kallar Kahar, Babar in addition planted a garden, which is still present, known as the Bagh-e-Safa. In his journal, Tukht-e-Babri, Babar depicted Kallar Kahar as a “beguiling put with great atmosphere”.


A famous Saint of Kalar Kahar was Bawa Zaman Shah of Jhamra Shareef; he was known as Mottian wali sarkar. After he passed away around in 1960 Bawa Ameer Shah Marhoom and took his place as Gadi nasheen and taker of Jhamra shareef

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