Kalash valley- kafirstan in Pakistan

Kalash valley

Khyber pakhtoonkha is one of the most beautiful provinces of Pakistan. It has great and endless wealth of nature. There are many beautiful and most amazing visiting places located in Khyber pakhtoonkha. It has all natural beauty elements like rivers, lakes, mountains etc. the major cities of Khyber pakhtoonkha are Peshawar (its capital city), Mansehra, Kaghan valley, Mardan, Kohat and swat valley. In fact 80% of most beautiful places of Pakistan are located in Khyber pakhtoonkha province. Kalash valley is most beautiful visiting place in Khyber pakhtoonkha, Pakistan. It is situated in south of Chitral.

It is also called the kafirstan of Pakistan it is totally inhabitant by non-Muslims. It is very unique cultural valley of Pakistan. The traditions, customs and culture of Kalash valley are totally different from all other regions of Pakistan. It is purely mountainous area of Chitral and situated at the bank of stream. The culture and tradition of Kalash valley is affected by Greek culture. The houses in Kalash valley are constructed in unique architect design of logs. The Kalash valley is located on the mountainous slop.  The dress of kalashians is very different and unique. The religious festivals possess great importance in Kalash valley. The religious festivals are celebrated with great respect and interest. These religious festivals are phool (celebrated in September), chowas (celebrated in December). The special musical instruments are used on different occasions. The Kalash cultural sword dance is very famous in all over the world.

Travelers can access Kalash valley by road way. The specific jeeps are used to travel in Kalash valley because it is totally mountainous area. If you ever visit Pakistan, must travel to Kalash valley. You’ll never forget the unique beauty and culture of Kalash valley. The kalashians are very nice and hospitable in welcoming their guests; you’ll surely fall in love with Kalash valley.