Kalash valley- the best attraction of Pakistan

One of the best tourist attractions is Kalash Valley in Pakistan. It is located in the Chitral district of Pakistan. It has very historic background but its history is very controversial, no one knows the actual history of this valley. According to one of the mythology of this area Alexender the great were settled there. The people of the Kalash have their own religion; in reality they do not have any religion at all.  This is the reason that they are known as kafir Kalash. Kalash valley consists of three other valleys and these are Rumboor, Birir and Bumburate. Among all these valleys the Bumburate valley is the largest and most beautiful one and has different beautiful sceneries.

People of the kalash have their own culture and religion, as they belong to old tribes. The culture of this valley is very different and unique. People live in this valley in small villages that they construct on the sides of hills, these villages are situated at the shore of rivers and streams. Homes in the valley are constructed from jagged shaped logs, area is steep and slope and houses are mostly constructed double story houses. Kalash people are very lively and energetic. Girls and women used to wear traditional headdresses. Mostly women have simple and small tattoos on their faces, people of Kalash celebrate all the festivals and are great lover of music and have great passion for dance. People have light brown eyes and have blonde hair it shows their linked with the Europe.