The Kalash one of the beautiful place of the wide range of Hindu Kush Mountains and it seems so magnificent that one can never forget in his or her whole life. The Kalash is usually has an importance that it plays a vital role in the formation of Pakistan and Afghanistan border line which is generally known as Durand Line. The Kalash is almost 7708 m in altitude ant in the surrounding of Kalash there is another top peak which is known very famously as Tirch Mir. The Kalash valley have an honor that when Alexander occupied or conquered the specific area some of the people from his family and some of his men from army stayed over here at Kalash valley. The people of the Kalash valley are very hospitable and very caring, friendly and devoted. They are described as warm and friendly because they welcome the tourist as their guest and they are so lovely like the mountains over there.

The Kalash valley is very close to the shandur top, where you can find the world highest polo ground Shandur Polo Ground. On the 7th to 9th of July of every year a Shandur Polo festival is organized on national level from the government of Pakistan aimed to encourage the youngsters of the northern areas. This polo tournament is of international level and fan from all over the world are the spectators of this tournament.