Karachi is one most important financial centre of Pakistan because of having seaport. Karachi is also called the city of bright lights. Karachi is the capital of Sindh . History of Karachi is very much interesting. Fishing is the very much known profession in Karachi due to the presence of sea. Karachi is the world’s busiest business city because of its sea ports specially port bin qasim. Karachi is four times bigger than Honking.Karachi is the most beautiful city of Pakistan and also is an important tourist spot because of the sea view in Karachi.
The local residents and other people usually reach to sea view on weekends or on national holidays. Karachi is a city of museum, monuments, memorials and shrines. If we talk about museums Karachi has three main museums, which are National Museum of Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force Museum and Pakistan maritime Museum. National Museum of Pakistan was established in April 1950 at Farere Hall.
National Museum was established for the sake of preserving culture and history of Pakistan. Pakistan Air force Museum is also an important tourist attraction; it was established by Pakistan Air Force at between PAF Base Faisal and Awami Markaz. In this museum a large number of planes are displayed which are used by Pakistan air force earlier and also those which were captured by Pakistan air force during wars. Pakistan Mari time Museum is all about Pakistan navy it is situated at Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road. There are many othere places like in shrine karachi has shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Alam Shah Baba, Misri Shah Baba, Gahib Shah Baba and many more. Karachi has large variety of parks, important government and historical buildings like Jinnah Court and Sindh Assembly hall. The weather and climate is mild and same to the climate of Florida.