Karachi: city of lights

Karachi, metropolitan city of Pakistan and capital of Sindh province is one of the biggest cities of the world. It is also known as city of lights. There are many places present in Karachi that are worth watching once in your lifetime. It consists of many parks, public places, markets and eatery spots.

Karachi is the economical hub of Pakistan. When we talk of food items and eatery spots there are plenty of places you can visit. From Irani chullu kabab to local haleem and pani puri spots present on boat basin and mouth watering spots of burns road, each and every spot is just irresistible.

Sea view is another spot that is waiting for you. There are local people that offer you horse riding as well as camel riding. All of these animals are adorned with beads and specially crafted items. To experience true customs of Sindh, sweetness of Balochistan, serenity of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah and fun of Punjab lets visit Karachi.