Karachi-The City of Lights


“Karachi” the Capital city of Sindh province has a prosperous history. Karachi City was the Capital of Pakistan before Islamabad, but Karachi is at a standstill; the economic hub and cultural heart of Pakistan.

Locally it is said that “Karchi is the city that Never Sleeps”. Visitors and tourists are always welcomed by top-notch services and chaotic action.

Several languages are spoken in Karachi city; the majority is commonly speaking Urdu. Life at Karachi is much speedy as compared to any other Asian city. The weather in Karachi is somewhat easygoing in winters i.e. mildly cool and the summers are very blistering. Moisture is generally very high, just because the Karachi city is very near to the ocean. The fresh sea gentle wind helps convey somehow relief. The winter season is generally best for tourist to visit Karachi.

For tourists it would be difficult to choose the places to visit Karachi tourism. The places that tourists must not miss are National Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan Air Force Museum and The Museum of Pakistan.  For water loving personnel beaches in and around the Karachi city Such as Minora Island, Paradise Point, Hawke’s Bay and French Beach these areas could be the best places to visit. The tomb of Great Leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah is also a landmark for the tourists coming to Kaarchi.


Karachi city has amusements for every person visiting; if you have kids with you the best places to visit are Aladin Amusement Park, Go-Aish Adventure Park, Karchi Zoo, Askeri Park and Sindbad Amusement Park.

It would be not wrong say that Karachi is a paradise for shopping crazy personnel.

This city is crammed with different categories of shopping experience such markets, bazaars, First class boutiques, large departmental stores and much more than it.

It is very easy to reach; due to an international airport known as Jinnah International Airport, regular flights to most of the major cities of Pakistan as well as of many other countries of the Globe. Well organized roads and railways are connecting Karachi to whole country.