Karachi- the city of lights:

Karachi is one of the main cities of Pakistan and is the Provincial capital of Sindh. It is the central hub of all the industries, the mix population of the city improves the political and economical growth of the county. The dominant people of the population are Urdu speaking called “Muhajirs” they are the migrators from India after 1947. Karachi has been developed from a small village “Kalachi-jo-ghote” into such a main and big city because of the main harbor. Karachi is also called “City of lights” for its liveliness and also a “city of Quaid” it is the birth and burial place of our founder Quide-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Karachi participates as a lion capital in the revenues’ generation of Pakistan.  It is the commercial and financial capital of Pakistan. About 65% of the total national revenues of Pakistan are generated by Karachi. In 2007 February, Karachi was announced as the most business friendly city in Pakistan by World Bank. From the education point of view Karachi has many international standard educational institutes. Most universities of Karachi are included in the leading universities of Pakistan. One of the oldest institute of Business Administration (IBA), is in Karachi; other well known institutes are National university of Science and Technology, Sir Syead University of engineering and Technology, Iqra University, Bahria University, Preston University, and many more.

Cricket is the well known game of the city and there are different small and big grounds for cricket in the city. Main grounds for cricket are National stadium, DHA cricket stadium, UBL sports Complex and some other famous games are boxing, hockey, football, golf, table tennis, squash and etc. there are big shopping malls, restaurants and many parks and other places for visits. The important places of Karachi are tomb of Quaid, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausuleom, Karachi port Trust, dream world resort, Tariq road market, zamzama Clifton, Clifton fish aquarium, cliftton bay and many more. The largest business airport “the Jinnah airport” is located in Karachi. The largest business port is located in Karachi near Qasim port.