Karachi Zoo Garden

Karachi zoo garden is one of the oldest parkland in Karachi. It is frequently notorious by the name of Mahatma Gandhi Park or garden. Land area is around 33 acres and it is situated on Nishter Rode.

It was initially the property of government but latter on the rights were handed over to the metropolis on a condition that in the future, the rights can never be relocated to anyone else. Some part of the land of the zoo was served as the factories of East India Corporation. In 1833, Commander Charles set up the garden as a land bordered by the plantings so as to give the impression of being of garden or park. In the year of 1878, municipality decided some amendments for the betterment of the garden. However, the current good situation of the garden and the placing of animals are all because of certain endowments. KMC arranged a full duty keeper or guardian along with a skilled doctor for veterans for the good condition of health of the animals placed there.

The salient features of Karachi zoo garden is Mughal garden, municipal aquarium, a reptile house, natural history museum, elephant house, hospital for animals as well as the educational facilities for the understanding of the local public visiting the zoo.

A large number and variety of animals are kept there that include around 835 in number including 210 reptiles and 460 birds and 165 mammals. In 1953, an aquarium was also erected there having around 300-350 fishes belong to 30 different species. The total income which is earned according to the records of the year 2000-2001 was 1,68,69,243 and 2.3 million visitors, annually.

One who visits Karachi, surely approach Karachi Zoo Garden to accomplish his journey and engross by the greenery and the range of the animals in the park!