Khewra mine

Khewra salt mine is the second largest salt mine of the world. It is situated in district Punjab in Pakistan. It was situated in the days of Alexander .It has been mined   326 B.C .The main tunnel at ground level was developed by Dr. Wrath in 1872. But now a day it is converted to tourist Resort.

There is a big chamber which opened out from the tunnel. It is called   ” Assembly Hall”, measuring more than 250ft in height that fascinates tourists. Inside the Mine is a beautiful Mosque made of different shades of rock salt bricks giving an amazing look with lights and was constructed about 50 years ago. There is an area of transparent salt of light pink color known as “Sheesh  Mahal. There are 19 levels of tunnel in the Mine and 7th floor is used for visitors and is regarded as “Pul.e.Sarat. Interesting fact is Minaar-e- Pakistan and Pakistan Post Office is built from salt and is decorated with fancy lights making the scene dreamy and imaginary. Now, crystal salts are discovered in Mine giving a diamond like look as light shines.

Now, PMDC established a clinic for Asthma patients for the employers of Khewra mine. There is an industry that is making items from salt which are exported all over the World.

This salt is found in three colors like Red, White and Pink. Rock salt is 99% pure. The Mine contains an estimated 220 Million tons of salt, 50% salt is extracted and 50% is left as pillars to support the mountain. Everyday mined quantity of salt 1200 to 1500 metric tons.

The current production from the Mine is 465,000 tons salt per annum. Most of the 325000 tons of salt purchased by ICI soda Ash Khewra Ittehad Chemical Ltd at Kala Shah Kaku each year .Geologists believe that rock salt in Khewra is from the Pre Cambrian period around 600 Million years old. Everyday up to 40,000 tourists visit the Khewra Mine, visitors are guided by tourist guides who are available all the time there.