Khewra, Salt Mines Place

Khewra, Jhelum is available at 160 KM from Islamabad. It’s connected using the enjoyment of the country getting bigger systems of the road which all interact with Islamabad to Lahore Freeway (M2), Islamabad to Lahore GT Road and Islamabad to Chakwal Road (Also known as Rawalpindi Road). It houses the coal mines together with the Salt mine that’s Finest rock salt mine in Asia and second finest in the world.

Khewra Salt Mines place far of 160 km from Islamabad & 260 km from Lahore in Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan Distt Jhelum, Punjab. The entire zone established fact as Salt range. In line with the estimate, the reserves of Khewra salt mines include approximately 220 million tones of salt. The mine-mind structures include 19 levels that 11 they’re underground. Only 50% edge is taken away and 50% remains as support beams to help the mountain. The aggregate length of all of the tunnels is a lot more than 40 Km. The normal production of salt the purest in the world is almost 4, 66,000 tones annually.

After you have towards the tunnel there’s long walk way which leads to the magnificent natural and salt made structures. Using this shining and transparent salt many marvels attempt been produced by PMDC to move the website site visitors. A few in the famous formations may be the famous salt mosque, one out of the Minaret of Pakistan, among Shish Mahal (the dwelling of Mirrors) along with the type of Parliament House of Pakistan. The Salt ponds that are illuminated with fancy lights plus a 25 feet keep beams-less bridge proven to as Pul-Saraat may also be worth seen. The old mining equipment of Khewra salt mines may also be maintained to showcase the treasure’s heritage.