Kirthar National Park- the second largest park of Pakistan

There are many national parks in Pakistan and all are very well known and are beautifully designed to provide all the entertainment to the tourists. The second largest park of Pakistan is Kirthar National Park; it covered an area of about 3000 sq Kms, in 1947 Sindh wildlife department had designed this national park and it is the first national park that is included in the list of national parks of 1975 of the UN’s. This park also qualifies for the firm rules set by IUCN for the category II protected place, specially designed for the ecosystem preservation.

The rising and falling valleys and the rocky lines of the Kirthar hills develop a natural safe area for Urial sheep, Chinkara gazelle, Ibex, desert cats, jungle cats, desert wolf, occasional leopard are also lurk in the park. Porcupines, pangolin and monitor lizard are in large number and they abound the park. The best time to visit Kirthar Park is from October to February, because in summer there is scorching heat and no one can visit and enjoy the beautiful scenes. And it becomes very beautiful and lush green in August the monsoon season. Some other attractive and eye catching things are the 18th century Chaukandi design crypts at Taung. At Koh Tarash some of the pre historic archeologist remains are present. The huge Rani Kot Fort is also in the Park, from Karchat it is a journey of two hours. Through super and Indus highway Rani Kot fort is about four hours from Karachi.