Lahoot Lamakan, place of spiritual mysteries

Pakistan is full of natural secret places. Whenever you visit Pakistan must visit its all beautiful and most amazing places to explore the beauty and natural secrets. One of the most amazing and full of secret places of Pakistan is Lahoot Lamakan. Many people are not familiar with Lahoot Lamakan and even don’t know about its exact location. Lahoot Lamakan is situated in Khazdar, Baluchistan province of Pakistan. It is very spiritual and secret place of Pakistan. Lahoot Lamakan is unique symbol in creation of universe. It is very strange and mysterious place on the whole universe. Some residents say that Lahoot Lamakan is a place where Hazrat Adam (E.S) was positioned on this place.
It is famous for the Shrine of Hazrat Baba Shah Noorani who also known as Jiye Shah Noorani. It is 500 years old shrine. People come here to attain the spiritual relaxation. Lahoot Lamakan is very suspicious and mysterious place. Adventure spirit people love to visit this place to explore its mystery. It is very beautiful and high mountain area where the Lahoot Lamakan exists. Some visitors say that there are many small and large animals and other weird creatures statues are made in these mountains as they freeze where they were. Nobody is allowed to stay there after 5:00 pm.
Another symbolic mountain is also present in Lahoot Lamakan about which people say that the ship of Hazrat Nooh (E.S) was collapsed once with this mountain. Another most famous tale about Lahoot Lamakan is that, most myth told that there is one specific stone about which it is famous that if you can pass your head under this stone then you are legitimate and if you can’t then you are absolutely illegitimate person. There is one specific wide cave where you can enter after washing your face with specific soap, actually that soap is a stone and it works same like soap. After washing your soap with this stone you can watch every hidden thing in that cave. There are many mysterious things and places to explore, so come and enjoy exploration of mystery.