Lahore -A Living City

LahoreLahore is the second largest city and is the most famous city of Pakistan for the lively nature and life style of its inhabitants.

Lahore is one of the most densely  populated city of Pakistan. It is also an industrial city which provides a big population with number of jobs. Lahore owns a wonderful legacy of the Mughals in the form of Lahore fort and Badshah mosque. People from all over the world come to see the wonderful city of Lahore. There are number of buildings which are open evidence of excellent work of art and architecture done by Muslim architects.

Lahore being the city of lively people is no doubt the city of lights and life. As soon the sun sets the hustle bustle and lights in all the market is worth seeing. Lahoris are very much fond of eating and they are well known around the world for the unique taste of their foods “ Sirri Paye”  “Halwa poori” and other spicy food has become the identity of Lahoris.

The people in Lahore do not let any festival go without celebrating true colors whether it is Eid, Basant or Shab-e- Miraj etc.


The Basant festival is celebrated by Lahoris with full zeal and zest. People from all Pakistan enthusiastically go to participate in this event with Lahoris. On this occasion delicious foods are made and kites flying competitions are held.

Lahoris are well known for their hospitality and generosity. Every new fashion starts  from Lahore. The international companies have invested a millions and billions of dollars in Lahore and are doing successful business there. There are many big industries which bring Lahore in the biggest industrial cities of Pakistan.

Lahoris are crazy about the bhangra music which is the part of Lahore culture. No festival or event either it is Eid or Basant can be completed without beats and bhangras of Punjabis.