Lahore-Cultural Hub

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Lahore is one of very densely populated cities and 2nd largest city of Pakistan with respect to population. Lahore is located at the shore of river Ravi. It could also be considered as the cultural capital of the country. Being the cultural city since a long time Lahore has a lot of attractions for both Pakistani and foreign tourists. Lahore fort (Shahi Qila) tells its visitors the glory of Sikh and Mughal legacies. Lahore fort is also declared as world heritage. Sheesh Mehal, Moti Masjid and Alamgiri gate are a few of famous places in the fort. It would not be wrong to state that the Cultural hub of country Mughal times has become an advanced city, on the other hand Shahi Qila, Badshahi Mosque, Gates of old city and Tomb of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh are the places with a lot of attractions for people visiting Lahore. In the centre of Lahore there is a zoo, which could be place of interest for both of children and adults visiting Lahore being one of the oldest zoos of the sub continent Indo-Pak. Bagh-e- Jinnah located opposite to the Chamber of commerce is one of the oldest gardens.

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The traditional Anarkali market is the memory of a paramour’s love for a Mughal prince; is one of the best Shopping areas. Ichra, Pace, and liberty markets are the best places for the shopping maniacs. Believers of Data Gunj Baksh visit his tomb in Lahore called Data derbar for paying on his tomb.

For the food crazy people Gwalmandi Food Street could be called the best arena of traditional Pakistani dishes. Phajey k paey, Chaman ice cream, Gourmet Bakers and Kashmir Bakery are a few of the finest food points of Lahore. Advanced constructions may have changed the look of city but its citizens are the same lively as before. Lahore has attractions for every visitor, whether he or she is visiting for the first time or seasonal.