Lahore Museum

Pakistan is full of the historical fortunes which greatly refer to our tradition and culture to the best way one can! One of such historical places is the Lahore museum. Lahore is although a city of the Mughal structural design having certain buildings that are a marvelous show-piece of the British design. Lahore museum is the prominent one. It is the largest museum in Pakistan having a tremendous articles related to the cultural and traditional wealth.

Museum bears a hall having paintings and portraits of the mughal kingdom including the queens, kings, warriors, knights, ministers and supplementary big wheels of the era. Furthermore, the plates having their history are also attached with those portraits.

The building is of mughaliya style based. It is made up of red bricks. Garden is also there having variety of colorful plants to enhance the natural touch. Tombs are their which are typically symbolic of our culture. Balconies are there in the castle form. Doorway is white as that of royal rule having the cannon welcome.


Artillery, weapons and arms are another section which enhances the historical point of museum. Furthermore, a statue of Victiria queen is also held there made up of bronze which is dressed in a Honiton tie apron.

Along with that, a gallery is also there related with paintings and Islamic exposes. Coins and medals belonging to different parts of the country and its traditions are also there. Arts and dexterity and an ethnological section are also assigned.

A number of the stuff that was discovered from the ruins of Moen-jo-Daro, Harappa and from certain other ancient ruins is also conserved for the presentation.

The visit to the Lahore museum is not only a source of amusement but it also gives as a treasure of knowledge about our traditions, history and the civilization. No doubt, it makes us feel proud to have such an impressive tradition and culture.