Lahore- the Royal Fort

Fort is one of the most impressive and historical artifact in Pakistan. There are different forts one of which is the Lahore fort called “Royal Fort”. Most of the part of this fort was constructed by Mughal Emperor in 1566 AD, there is evidence that shows that this fort was existed in 1021 A.D, Mahmood of Ghazna had invented this area at that time. The Akber reconstructed it and convert it into a modern Fort, that we see the modern fort on older foundations. This Fort is in rectangular and its main gates are situated along the center of eastern and western walls. All the people of their time like Mughal Emperor, then Sikhs and then British all in their time added something like palaces, pavilions and walls of the fort.

Jehangir Emperor enlarge the garden and also build palaces that we see in the Jehangir’ Quardrangle, Aurangzeb constructed the main gate facing toward Hazoori Bagh which is in between the fort and the Badshahi mosque, Shah jahan constructed the Moti masjid, deewan-e-khas and his sleeping chamber for himself. At the north east corner of the fort there is a famous Sheesh Mahal also known as the palace mirror, this is the best and the beautiful palace in the fort and is beautifully decorated with large number of small mirrors. These mirrors are of different and beautiful colors, that part of the wall where Elephants step toward the inner fort gate mark by bullets have the testimony of the Sikh civil war of 1847 A.D.