Lahore- winter Feast

Lahore is the most popular place for its liveliness and delicacies, there is no end for eating places in Lahore. Some place are specify for summer and in that season there is a great hustle and bustle and some places are specify for winter season and people go there and enjoy eating with great pomp and show. In the winter season it is an outstanding experience to sit in the cold and eat hot and spicy food straight from the stove that keeps you warm. This kind of outdoor food is very famous in Lahore. Some great places in Lahore really offer a good food and atmosphere in winter season.

Andaz and Cuckoo’s Café is the two most famous restaurants for winter. They are situated in the center of the old Lahore city and are opposite to the famous Badshahi Mosque. Both these have very attractive outdoor decoration, it is very great experience to sit there, eat and enjoy the beautiful view of the Mosque. They also have terrace and steps that gives very traditional and cultural feelings. There you can go with your love and enjoy a great outdoor dinner.

Peeru Café is another most famous place for winter among the Lahore people. It is situated in the city’s outskirts and is very peaceful and calm environment. In this place there are also some events like Jazz night, Qwalli night and some other such events on the weekends. This is the best place to go with your friends, family and can enjoy the cold weather.

But if you are looking for a very peaceful as well as a romantic dinner then there is no other place better then Polo lounge. They made special preparation for winter like they set tables outdoors with the candles lights. At Polo lounge the food is very delicious and the lush green lawn of the Polo ground adds extra charm to the beauty of this place. There are some other places like hot spot Qaddafi, English teahouse, Lakshmi and old Lahore are also the best places to sit and enjoy your food in winter.