Beauty of the lake


The story of Jheel saful Maluk written in the form of poem by Mian Muhammad Baksh in urdu, Hindko, Kashmiri, ptohar languages and many more.

Attractive story about the jheel

The story was about Saful Maluk, who was spending his long life to searching of fairy princess name Badi-ul-jamal meaning the glory of the moon. Before this the prophet Yusuf was asked about who will be the handsomest man and made two seals and said that the man will be his descendant with inherent these seals, when Saful Maluk comes of age to get them among many other treasures. The two seals were a picture of him and the fairy princess Badi-ul-Jamal, when the saful maluk saw the picture of the princess he falls in love with her and started his long lasting journey to find her.

After finding the fairy princess he learns that her soul trapped bound by the jinn in the mountain name‘Malka Purbat’, the tallest mountain behind the lake ‘Saf ul Maluk’ and she will set be free when the jinn will dead.


So like this many stories about the lake were heard, by the people living there. The lake is located at the end of the Kaghan Vellay near the city Naran in the district of   Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Moderate weather is here during day time, while temperature drops during the night time. Jheel saful maluk ranked as the 5th best tourist destination jheel in Pakistan. Above the ground level of Naran, the lake is about three thousand feet. A beautiful lake that reflects many colors of nature and the government has planned to build hotels in the area.

During the summer season, the destination of lake is accessible by 14km jeep road from Naran. The color of the water gives slightly greenish tone. As the water is very clear, this is just because of the nearer glaciers feeding the lake. The scenery because of the glaciers looking very appealing for the visitors or tourists and Malka Parbat adding the shine in the lake.

The sad fact about the lake is, tourism that is a source to destroy all of the beauty of lake. People come here drop the wastage and things are not to use after eating like tea, cold drinks, along with the less eco-tourism sence. The best is to visiting the lake after breakfast early in the morning.