Lake View Park- a glimpse of paradise

Whenever you are fed up and feeling down then you must have to take your family out on the “Rawal Lake View Park”. It is on the Murree- Islamabad Highway at the Coast of Rawal River. It is an artificial lake of water that provides water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Korang River and some other small rivers from Margalla Hills are set to make this artificial river; it covers a spot of 8.8 square km.

In the Rawal Lake View Park, there is flowerings tress, picnic spot, secluded tracks and a beautiful garden. This garden is used for picnic; the peak of garden gives you a panoramic sight of the lake, Murree hills, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Margalla Hills. There is a private club where sailing, water skating, boating and water facilities are organized. There is the Islamabad club at the west of the lake which offers various sporting facilities.

There are different wild animals like Pangolin, Fox, Jungle cat, wild boar yellow throated marten, Porcupine, Jackal and dinosaurs, some reptiles like Russell’s viper and Indian cobra. This is the best place of birds and you can found almost all birds of the Islamabad here.

There are also small food shops and outlets, all the Pakistan and foreigners must visits this place, as it is a very beautiful and meet your all requirements like enjoyment, refreshment, beautiful view and many more. This is the best picnic sport with families, a big parking lot also increase the attraction of this park.