Lal Suhanra- The National Park

Lal Suhanra National Park, a wildlife shelter was announced as a National Park on 26 October 1972 after the recommendations made by the Wildlife Enquiry Committee in 1971. Actually, the park spreads on an area of 31,355ha, about 20,932ha is dessert, 8,488ha irrigation forest plantation and 1,934ha reservoir. It is passed by dried up layer of Hakra River and attributes an essential wetland Patisar Lake. Recently, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation has established 6A/c bedroom resort in the park. They also made facilities for camping.

Lal Suhanra has extensive wildlife Black Buck which is almost extent from the world is reintroduced in Lal suhanra in a large enclosure along with Chinkara gazelle, Hog Deer, Nillgai antelope and Indian rhinoceros. A big Lake named as Patisar Lake is situated in the mid of the park which gives the best scene for bird watching. Patisar Lake regular can keep between 10,000 and 30,000 ducks and general coot in mid of the winter. Park also supports plenty of birds for prey. The Hog deer, black buck, ravine deer and nilgai are very common. Fox, hares, Jackals, porcupines, hares, larks, mongoose, hawks and owls are found in Lal suhanra.

Some of the common birds found in national Park are Griffon vulture, Marsh harrier, Houbara bustard, Laggar falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Egyptian vulture, Shrikes, Hen harrier and Barn Owl.

Reptiles of the National Park include Monitor lizard, Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw scaled viper, John’s sand boa, Wolf snake, and spiny tailed lizard.

Visiting such place gives you an idea about the wildlife; such visits are very informative and enjoyable for everyone especially for students. These places serves best for the students in research department and in Pakistan such tourist places are maintained very beautifully that gives you all the facilities.