Lalazar- most beautiful hill station

Lalazar is one of the most beautiful hill stations and is located at a distance of 21 km from Naran by the way of Battakundi. With its beautiful pine and meadows woods it is the most attractive and charming hill station in the Kaghan Valley. This is the place which no one wants to miss. Once the forest was dense and thick  but by the locals sell and burn the trees and the bushes and clear the area and make it a beautiful hill statuion. Somehow the beauty of this area is damage a little bit by cutting tress and then by earthquick.

Lalazra beauty attract all the visitors when people visit Naran their first visit is Jheel Saif ul malook and the second visit must be Lalazar. It is on the mountain and there is a small resort that must be visited. There is a big plateau that gives a very enchanting view of the whole valley below. There is an hour journey of jheep from Naran to Lalazar on the twisted and many turns road. For hikers there is a track of almost 5 hours, there is also a very lovely and beautiful track from Lalazar to Jheel Saif ul Malook, and it is the best place for night camp. This is not an easy and simple track, you can also have the chance to see the wild life. In the months of October and November you can see the rare wild life like “Markhoor”.

On a clear day there is a chance to see the “Falak Sonia” snow capped peaks from Lalazar. Like many of the other khaghan valley places this peak also have a background with a fairy tale. Kunhar river is flowing thousands miles belw from the height where you are standing. There is a tea hut for the visitors.

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  1. ghulam farid // June 25, 2012 at 12:47 pm //

    very beutiful view

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