Lulusar- the most attractive and the enchanting spot

Near the Naran Valley there is a lake named “Lulusar”, the word “sar” means “peak “or “top”, in Pashto. Lulusar is the name of the different peaks that includes the lake and it is called the lake of Lulusar. It is at 11,200 ft high from the sea level on the Babusar road.  This lake is the major source of kunhar,that flows through the whole Kaghan Valley via Kaghan, Naran Valley, Jared, Jalkhand, Balakot and Paras and link the Jhelum River, first it flows in the blue river and then in the roaring torrents till it connected to the Jhelum River . This lake is on the Babusar road and is 48km away from the Naran. it is the historic place of the 1857 war where 55 participants in the war of independence were under arrested. This lake is larger in size as compared to other lakes in the surrounding region and snowcapped peaks surrounded this area and make it an attractive place for the tourists. The water reflects like a mirror in the surroundings in the summer gives a very beautiful view and attracts many visitors toward it.

It is adorned with gold and blue wild flowers; the view of this lake is very enchanting and remains in the memory for long time. For Lulusar you have to hire a jeep and after a drive of about four and a half hours you will reach to this beautiful place. The white and purple outline snowcapped peaks around the Lulusar, is reflecting in the silent lake of green blue water, this view make it the most beautiful and the most attractive area of the valley.