Mahodand Valley- ideal place for trek

Mahodand valley is situated in the North of Kalam and is famous not only among nature lovers but is also an interesting tourist spot and is specially known for trout fish hunters. Basically, Mahodand is a Pashtu word which means fish lake though, it is not a lake the Ushu River which passed by slowed down and gives a look like a lake. It is situated at the northern side so, is covered by glaciers which melt during summer. It is just 40 km from Kalam and can be accessed by a un-matalled road in a 4*4 (four by four) vehicle. The road is tricky and bumpy but, surrounding fresh and exotic scenery engrosses you so much that you will wish to discover more panoramas. Small huts that are scattered all over the mountains having bellowed smoke moving toward sky from huts is something that will remain fresh in your memories for years.

Swat River which born here is covered by tall sky scrapping mountains which seem like roaring monster trying its best to get out of the fetters. However, at some places the river is very silent and calm giving no marks of rebellion. After having a journey of 4 to 5 hours from vast valley of kalam you will step in the beautiful and fascinating valley of Mahodand which is beautified by small lake, green tall trees and pastures welcomes you. Locals have constructed few hotels which provide the tourists with food essentials and accommodation. Boating facility in the lake is also made available for tourist to enjoy Mahodand valley to the fullest.

In the mountains and forest surrounding Mahodand valley are Wolves, Black Bear, Musk Deer, Snow Leopards, Himalyan Snowcocks, and Ibex. However wildlife is very rare because of excess hunting, it is the bestest place for short trek.