Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is one of the beautiful resorts and considered as sky resorts because it is always six to eight feet’s snow fall around the resort.  The Malam Jabba is eighty seven hundred feet above from the sea level. We may say that it is situated on the top of Hindu Kush mountain range, approximately very near or in the north east of Siadu Sharif. It is located in the heaven area of the world one and only lovely place of the ever green country Pakistan. The Malam Jabba is approximately 314 Km away from the capital of Pakistan Islamabad. The very famous place near to this lovely place is the Siadu Sharif which is approximately 51 km away from Malam Jabba. The tourists usually use the airport facility available in Siadu Sharif and from where they can travel on cars and jeeps which are available for them every time to enjoy their tour in a very interesting and lovely way.

The scenery is so cool and attractive due to its ice peaks which make the Malam Jabba a heaven place. It seems a deep valley and forests everywhere as a human eye can see. For the attraction and enjoyment of the tourists and the couples there are two station at Malam Jabba which provides the facility of chair lift and this chair lift can uplift almost 56 passengers at a time. The chair lift over there in Malam Jabba can uplift the passengers to the height of almost 10500 feet’s. Inside the Malam Jabba there is facility of indoor games and other ice games. The restaurant where you can find the cuisine of international standard, you can find continental, Italian, Chinese and sati food over there in the restaurant.  There are also two tracking path for the purpose of walk.