Mall road- most busiest road ever

Murree is one of the hot tourists hill station and ALLAH has bestowed the city with immense beauty having greenery all around which is protected from four sides by huge mountains. Mountain peaks are covered with snow which looks like diamond and pearls when sun shines on them. One of highly visited and famous market place in Murree is Mall road where you can enjoy their real zeal of life. You can shop, eat and can visit almost every hotel, restaurants and shops which are equipped with different traditional accessories of Pakistani culture. Mall road is termed as the most crowded place of Murree, best time to visit mall road is after sunset and is opened throughout the year from summer to winter even, if the roads get covered with snow it is cleared for tourist’s attraction.

Mall road never shines with only local Pakistani tourists in fact, foreigner also visit this beautiful hill station and spend long hours and enjoy real traditional food, dresses and other local hand made things. Real pleasure is to bargain with shop keepers and then enjoy the success of getting highly priced accessories at pocket friendly rates.

Best advice is to visit other locations and hill stations at Murree during day time and enjoy mall road after sunset. It is the best time to take pleasure in the most populated road sparkling with lights and you will also enjoy to shop and dine in lights. Mall road is a slope starting from post office and is continued for several miles.  Mall road is full with countless shops and restaurants on both sides and remain open till late night. You can enjoy different delicious Pakistani and other continental dishes.