Margalla Hill National Park

Margalla hills national park, geographically it is rocky hills and is situated in the foot hills of Himalaya range, in this area there are various valleys and many steep and slopes. There is a river named Kurang and other streams that flows into another river soan. Due to the closeness to Islamabad this park is the most visited park in Pakistan. Camping ground, lodges and picnic spots and hiking track are also present and the availability of chair lift is also planned. It is also the expanding of the Islamabad wildlife refuge, which consist of Rawal Lake and Shakar Parian Hills. These hills are very unique in Pakistan.

The main theme of the park was to provide shelter to wild life like Gray Goral, Leopard and Barking deer. Giving protection to these animals also gives protection to other small animals. This is the best opportunity of watching birds that anyone can avail in this Park. The mammals that you can see in the park are wild boar, Rhesus Macaque, Asiatic Leopard, leopard cat, barking deer, red fox, porcupine, fruits bat and yellow throated marten. The birds that are present in the park are Laggar falson, kestrel, Egyptian Vulture, paradise flycatcher, golden oriole, white checked bulbul, Indian sparrow hawk, collared dove, larks. There are also some reptiles in the park like Himalaya pit viper, Russell’s viper, Indian cobra and saw scaled viper. Visiting this park is an amazing experience for everyone. People can enjoy a day with these beautiful wild lives.

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