Mayoon ceremony in Pakistan

Mayoon or Ubton is a function before a week or ten days of wedding ceremony. It is a condition of privacy, that bride is supposed to stay inside the house and cannot go outside the home. After mayoon bride and groom are not allowed to see each other. The main theme of mayoon is that the bride stops doing all the housework and start beautifying herself. The groom’s family brings ubton for bride and applied to the bride’s skin to brighten her complexion and giving her fresh look on the wedding day. Along with some other home treatments oiling to the hair is also done. Before mayoon Melad is also held with the special importance of the wedding. This is a function of ladies where they sing and dance, while married ladies apply ubton to the bride and oil to her hair.

On this function normally bride’s family distribute bangles and sometime cloths to her friends, it depends what they can afford. Bride’s dress is usually simple yellow shalwar qameez, pink color may also be used. Hyderabadi brides normally wear yellow khara dupatta.

Same function is also held at groom’s house; bride’s cousins, friends, sisters and mother take ubton and apply it on his skin. The purpose is to glow the bride’s and groom’s complexion on the wedding day.

In the early times it was believed that when once the girl’s wedding date is fixed then some kind of spirits/jin wants to stop the wedding and also kidnapped the girl. From that time jin is afraid of yellow color so they used ubto on bride to save her from jin. It was believed of old time.

It is called “Mayoon mian Bethna” she is not permitted to go outside the house till her mahandi day, and she is also not allowed to change her mayoon dress till that day. It is the traditional way of mayoon but now mayoon and mahandi functions merged in one event.

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