Mohattaa Palace-Karachi

Mohatta Palace a Beautiful Sight

Mohatta palace was built in Karachi Sindh Pakistan by an ambitious and great business man named Shivratan Chandraraten Mohatta which was from Marwar; he built this very huge and beautiful palace as his home in the year 1927. The architect of the palace was a Muslim name Agha Ahmad Hussain, the palace only became the residential for Mohatta till the independence of Pakistan after that he left the Karachi and shifted towards the India.

Watermark inside the Palace


The palace is the combination of different architectural buildings designs in ancient era. The beautiful palace was the combination of stone palaces in Rajasthan, pink Jodhapur stone with the combination of local yellow stone from Gizri. The inspiration from the Mughal architecture is the distinctive presence of amalgam.

Now if we see the construction of the palace, a vast outlook we can observe that the area of the palace is of 18,500 sq feet (1,720) per square meter. The facades of the palace are trimmed with windows, domes, spandrels, and exquisite railings. There are present nine domes with the middle dome present in the centre of the other domes.

The beautiful windows are of blue color situated in the front portion, opening outwards and in front of the windows opening a vast garden present. An entertainment room especially designs for the purpose on the ground floor with the terrace that provides beautiful shade from intense sunlight. The structure of the palace is made up of teak wood with the polished staircase, doors opening within the other doors and corridors are all increase the beauty of palace.



When Mohatta’s departure from Karachi to India, in 1947 the government of Pakistan acquire the building to the house of the Ministry of foreign affairs.