Mohenjo Daro

mahajo doro

Mohenjo Daro is known to almost every Pakistani as a historical site to visit. It was a city situated in the south of Pakistan in the Sindh province. Mohenjo Daro can be rightly ranked in the most well known Indus civilization cities. In the north of Pakistan another historical city of Harappa also gives a vivid picture to the Indus valley civilization. Mostly he names of both Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are taken together.

The students of history and archeologists find a special attraction in the study of Mohenjo Daro. Every year a lot of school and colleges in Pakistan take their annual trips to Mohenjo Daro to let the students know the historical site Pakistan owns and also to make them know the historical features of Indus Valley civilization.

The remains that are found in Mohenjo Daro indicate that it was a modern city of that time with proper sewage system. House drains were made up of clay pipes and they connected the sewage system in a modern way. The city was made with proper planning .People here used to eat the meat of wild and domestic of the animals and also the lentils, barley and peas.

The city existed about 5,000 years back and the whole city was divided into the blocks and every block contained a public latrine. In one block there was a big citadel which is still very famous part of it.

The number of statutes has also been unearthed including the dancing girl and Priest-King and the few tools made up of bronze and copper are also the best examples of the splendid work of sculpture and tool making.

Mohenjo-Daro is preserved in Pakistan as a national heritage and a historical spots that attracts thousands of tourists every year to visit this site for the historical surveys and studies. It is a favorite tourism spot for many people due to the mystery of the past which is revealed when one walks through it.-

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