Mohra Sharif

Muhra sharif is a small holy village and is a great spiritual home and center of Naqshbandya, Mujaddadiya, Qasimiya Sufi order, is a naqshbandia in foundation, it is based in little town called Mohra shareef situated in the Murree hills of Punjab in the exterior of the Pakistan capital Islamabad. It is situated at the eastern bank of Islamabad, and is at half an hour drive from the Islamabad. It is about 60kms from Islamabad, the famous hill station Murree is not only famous for its lush greenery and natural sceneries and enjoyable climate but also because of the spiritual valley of the “Mohra sharif” also known as “Darbar Alia Mohra sharif”. From the centre of city Murree, Mohra Sharif is about 10 km. there are two roads leading to Mohra Sharif one from the Kashmir bazaar and other is from Kuldana.

Sacred shrines of Hazrat Khuwaja Muhammad Qasim and Hazrat Alhaj Pir Nazir Ahmed Sarkar-e-Moharvi are located exactly in the heart of Mohra Sharif. From all the corners of the world a large number of devotees come and visit all the mazaarat-e-Mubarik daily to give respects. Near to these mezaars there is the holy shrine of Mazaar of Mai Sahiban.