Monal hotel- exotic place

Sitting on the top of the Potohar, lie opposite the perfect Margallas, the plains of Peshawar and Lahore, Islamabad may be modern but the tradition and culture are fixed in the history that extended between the range of Khyber, bolan and the valley of Mahran. In Islamabad there are many places to visit but the best and most attractive place where everyone must have to go is “Monal Hotel”, it is located at the height of 1173 meters above the sea level. It has the taste of both latest facilities and also has the cultural heritage taste. In Monal hotel you can enjoy an authentic Pakistani cuisine that is rich and unique as our heritage. It has been produces by the combination of native aromas and flavor with cooking legacy from Persia, Arabia and Central Asian, as different people, many tribes and cultures are combined from centuries over the plains and valleys of Indus.

Going up to the Monal hotel is an experience that makes your heart cherishing for long time. It is your choice whether you want to start your trip in the sun shine down on the hills or you would like the romance of moonlit drive, your visit must be remain unforgettable forever. At the Monal sunsets offers you some majestic moments of glorious nature. Over the shadows of hilly dust the crimson skies, the crunch of leaves in a calm breeze, soft chirping of birds all gives you a scene that you never think of ever.

The beautiful architect with “spirals and wood” of the Monal hotel is very beautifully mixed with natural beauty in the surroundings. Its design of the building offers you a luxurious dinning in a very sophisticated environment. Monal hotel offers you food with live music, special music evenings are also organized on the festive occasions. In this hotel you can also shop the traditional jewelry and arts and crafts. This is the best hotel and everyone must have to go and enjoy the beautiful hotel.