Muhammad Bin Qasim mosque-Arore

Arore was the old name of sukkar, Sindh, Pakistan. Alore was an ancient capital of Sindh modern Rohri near to Sukkar. It was captured by the army of Muslim general Muhammad Bin Qasim in 711 AD. Muhammad Bin Qasim on 10th of Ramadan had beaten Raja Dahir, by appointing Governors in all main districts of Sindh. He marched toward alore at present known as Arore. There he constructs a Mosque known as Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque. The ruins of the mosque still presents on the top of the hill in Arore which is 10 km away from Sukker, it is an old historical place. He always remains in the memories of the people as he brought Islam in South Asia. This Mosque is the proof of his achievements, it is the responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to revive his achievements by reconstructing this mosque but still people come and see the ruins of this mosque which reminds them the great achievements of Muhammad Bin Qasim.  Still there is an arrangement for prayers to offer in this Mosque


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