Multan-the city of saints

Multan is the oldest city of South Asia. It is the city of Punjab province, and is situated in southern part of the Punjab province. Multan is one of the largest cities of Pakistan and is considered as the sixth largest city of Pakistan. Multan is the city of “Saints and Shrines” there are many beautiful bazaars, shrines, tomb and beautifully designed mosques. Multan is both an industrial and commercial hub. It is linked with other cities through air and rail; it is connected with other industrial centers like Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore and Quetta. It includes industries of cotton production, glass manufacturing, textile units, oil and sugar mills, fertilizers, cosmetics, power generation. Multan is also very famous for its cottage industry and handicrafts like ceramics and carpets.

Multan city is situated at the center of Pakistan. The nearest city to Multan is Sahiwal. There is plain area around the city which is best for agriculture and there are many mango and citrus firms. There are many canals that flow across the Multan and it makes the land very fertile. Multan is the hottest cities the temperature in summer reaches to 54 degree and dust storm are very commonly occur in the city. Multani embroidery dresses, multani khussa a traditional shoes, painted pottery, earthenware pottery, camel skin and mangoes are the biggest export of the city. It is famous for its mangoes, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, citrus, pomegranate, guavas.

Multan city is very rich with tomb of many respectable saints like Bahauddin Zakarya, Shah Ruk-n- alam, Shah Sabzwari, Shah yousaf Gardezi, Shah Sham ul Tabreez are worth seeing places and are very famous and people from different cities came just to visit and pay their Salaam to these great people. All these things increase the value of the city.