Murree – A feel of comfort

Murree provides a sensational feel of a lively Pakistan. Pakistan is facing some critical and serious security threats at the moment. In this state of affairs,  Murree is the name of a feel that comforts Pakistani people. Weather is no condition to visit Murree city because it offers great enjoyment in any condition. Not only the natives but tourists from all over the world know its importance. Murree is a very busy city specially in winter season. The snowfall looks like blessing from the clouds and attracts the tourists from all over the world towards the Murree city.

Due to limited resources for Murree city, tourists have been seen complaining to the officials for the improvement. Traffic gets stuck in peak season due to congested roads. The hotels for tourists are still in less numbers that don’t have ability to accommodate all tourists. Although nothing has been witnessed regarding any security threat and that is self-explanatory prove of law enforcing agencies’ performance. Yet a great roam for development is essential that needs to be minimized.

Government of Pakistan should take some extra-ordinary measures in order to take good care of this city as it is a message of peace, humanity, and positivity for the whole world. In this way, economy of Pakistan can also be flourished and many other rewards can be achieved. Maintenance not only for Murree but for every tourist place in Pakistan is mandatory to prove that we are a peaceful nation as others are.