Murree: A Glance Of Paradise

Murree is an ancient city of Pakistan. It is located on southern slopes of the western Himalayan foothills bending towards the northeast on the way to Kashmir. It was founded during British Rule in 19th century having the altitude of 7500ft above sea level.
The name Murree is derived from the term Marhi meaning High Place. It is believed that it is named after the Virgin Mary.

Murree is one of the most well-liked tourists attracting and calm place of Pakistan. The government is also enhancing for adding more beauty to this small tourist city. Having beautiful scenery Murree is well-known for its beauty throughout South Asia. In 1857, a church was built there, which was situated at the town’s centre and was still used as the worship place. The houses around the church are now mostly functioning as hotels.  Old traditional eateries have been replaced by newer restaurants and fast food shops. Some old accommodation places, for example, Gulberg Hotel and Rich Villa Inn have disappeared completely. A typical hotel generally provides a motel kind of accommodation with communication access and breakfast. Recently building hotels are accessible too.

It is one of the most popular summer resorts for the people of Pakistan and tourists. It is also an administrative center of Murree Tehsil and is a sub division of Punjabi City Rawalpindi. It has many attractions of sceneries and various other public visiting placing the most popular area of Murree is its Mall Road. It is full of shops and various markets having all kinds of stuff available for the people. Even the residential vocational cottage for the Governor is also located there as Punjab Governor house at the Kashmir point. Kashmir point is the point from the mountains having beautiful scenery of Kashmir can be seen. Militants are having their divisions in this city, and they also have the large number of educational institutions over there. CMH (Combined Military Hospital) is also established there to take care of medical needs of civilians as well as the militants over there. Similarly, there are rest houses for the judges of Supreme Court and Lahore high court. A large number of government and semi government and private departments have the residence as guest houses over there.

In early years Bhurban and Patriata (new Murree) have also been established as a tourist resort having the beautiful mountainous view. The whole Murree Galliat region is well-known throughout Pakistan for its scenic natural beauty and fascinating greenery. Mountains are full of oaks and pines, beautiful springs of water bubbled up from different areas all add up to the beauty of this city and giving a glance of paradise.

Patriata (New Murree)

It is located in the Tehsil of Murree, which is Rawalpindi District’s subdivision. Patriata hills stand 6,790(six thousand seven hundred ninth feet over the sea level and is the area’s highest point. It is also recognized as New Murree, a hill station inside northern Punjab. Patriata is situated south-east fifteen kilometers of Murree hills.
Patriata is famous worldwide because of its natural beauty. The climate of Patriata is much colder than the further south, and this hill station is best as tourist’s location. There are several attractive eyes capturing spots for tourists. Transportation of the highest point there is cable car and chair lift system is available. The area of Patriata is tremendously forested and also there are numerous leopards and monkeys in that area.

It is a hill station and a small town in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. This resort is named because of the nearest forest. Bhurban is situated at a distance of 13KM from Murree at an altitude of 6000 ft. Bhurban has newly been made accessible through double Islamabad-Murree Expressway. It is located at forty-five minute drive from Pakistan’s federal capital Islamabad. It is one of the most picturesque places of the country. It is a unique paradise for tourists with flora and with variety species of fauna that could not found somewhere else in Pakistan.

Bhurban, adding up more attractions boosting with five start hotel Pearl Continental owned by Pakistan’s best hotel chain, and a nine-hole golf course has been known as another addition to the tourist attractions in Murree. Bhurban is also known for picturesque hiking trails close to Ayubia National Park.