Murree: A visiting place

Queen of Hills

Pakistan is a blessed country with a number of lust green mountainous regions, so many high peaks and a number of beautiful places worth seeing for.

In all the visiting areas of Pakistan perhaps Muree is one of the most frequently visiting area in Pakistan.

There are number of reasons which make Muree favorite picnic spot for the people.

The atmosphere and beauty of the Muree is the source of big attraction for the visitors

Muree is the favorite visiting place for people because it is just two hours drive from capital i.e. Islamabad. As compared to other northern hill stations like Swat, Gilgit, Kaghan etc.

The roads are wide and newly made which make the  journey to Muree very easy.

The most delighting moment during the trip to Muree is when a person finds clouds hanging over his head.


In Muree, Mall Road and Patriata are the most favorite and famous spots to visit. Mall road is all covered with high green mountains and it also has a shopping place which does not let any one come back without shopping one or the other thing.

Same is the case with Patriata which is famous mainly for its chair lift hanging onto the cable and carries people from one side of the mountain to the other corner of it.

In Muree there are lots of restaurants and hotels which are almost all booked in summers when people go there to inhale a fresh and healthy air. These hotels charge different from the visitors. The charge of the hotel room also depends on the weather in which one goes to Muree.

Muree is worth visiting for and one never regret to go there rather on return the sadness dominates the mood for leaving behind such a beautiful heavenly place.