Visiting Murree hills is always a feeling of wild and joy. The journey up the hills is very enjoyable. The ascent is full of turns and windings, and all together, the journey is quite different from visiting any other hill station.

It is fine cool and pleasing days in Murree. Life here is costly for the tourist. Hotels are impossible for the common man. But dak bangloo are available on moderate charges. One can have a very delightful and peaceful view of the hills. The scenery is most enchanting. The gigantic trees are covered with white snow. The little birds with feather of exquisitely charming colors sitting on the trees please the ear with their sweet notes. The butterflies with wings of most beautiful hues can be seen flitting from flower to flower. The many verities of lovely flowers and beautiful ferns provide another source of delight to the eye. The smell is so pleasing that it keeps on breathing for quiet sometime. Hurts can also camp there. The houses are built in an irregular way. And very often the top of one is in level with the door of another. This is very interesting. There are lots of fields and hills there where one can walk and camp. There is Kashmir point in Murree which is a beautiful spot of nature with a very lovely view. All nature seems to be awakened, as it is, by a magician’s touch. It is a new experience for the viewer so they keep watching everything with rapt attention.

Clouds remain gather the sky. It usually rain quite heavily in Murree and a heavy downpour throughout the night. The sun rise in its full glory, with investing the trees, flowers, hills, birds and beasts with a golden light.

Samli Sanitorium is located down in the valley which is a beautiful little spot. There is a stream of pure crystal water there. A visit to here fills one with the inspiration and glory of God an unknown joy slips to the soul with the wonder and ecstasy of Nature.