Murree is known as the Queen of hill stations in Pakistan; however, it is much more than a queen because other stations are smaller in size and insufficient in social services. Murree is one of the prevalent resort towns in the Galiyat vicinity ofPakistan, and is the capital city ofMurree Tehsil.

Murree could easily be reached by road from the centre of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is still associated with Britain; many British fruits such as cherries and strawberries flourish in its vicinity. Murree hills greet you with generosity. In hotels throughout summer prices are in general high but excellent discounts are on hand after mid September. Muree area has cold, snowy winters, cool summer with drastic rains, in relation with low altitudes and fog.

Murree has a class of milestone in the times gone by of Hill crossways the country. It’s a healthy resort of the country which is being a magnet for thousands of “Tourists” both domestic and foreigners every season. As a result Hill resort has given births to a plenty of Hotels during the last two to three decades. One of them is Hotel Mehran adjacent to GPO Chowk, Murree, it could be a good option for the tourists as its state of the art for the Tourists to the cool, hilly and natural place.

MurreeMany rare species of wild animals can also be found in Murree. One of the examples is leopard, which inhabits the neighboring Galiyat region. More common animals include the foxes, monkeys, and various species of pheasant such as the kalij and chir.

Nathiagalli and Ayubia are the nascent towns to Murree, however despite divided by provincial boundaries Murree and Galiyat are very much similar culturally, geographically, linguistically and also from the tourist point of view. Murree serves as a gateway to Galiyat.