The most visiting hill station of Pakistan is Murree, it is a fantasy city located along Islamabad some 30km to northeast of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.  Adjacent to Murree lays Galliat region of NWFP including Ayubia, Nathiagali, Khairagali, Dangagali, khanspur and Changla gali.

People all around the country visit this beautiful hill resort in summer to escape from sweltering heat of plains. Murree is surrounded by mountains covered with lush green trees and grass, fresh air, cold atmosphere, beautiful valleys and clouds on the road hugging you with joy and happiness and gives away peace and pleasure.

The name of the city is derived from “marhi” meaning high hills but very common believe is its name is kept after the Virgin Mary. It is one of the biggest resort town is the Galyat of Pakistan. The road to Murree is very easy and comfortable it is easily accessible from the middle of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Climate condition of Murree is at its best. It is very enchanting during summer and ice cold in winter. Some areas and the mountain peaks are covered with snow giving an overall fascinating look to Murree.

Mall road is the famous and most populated place in Murree. It is the road full of life, restaurants, hotels, shops, and handicraft. It is the place which remains crowded till 3a.m and 4a.m in morning and youngsters enjoying the gossips, coffees, burgers and shopping.

Another most visited place in Murree is patriata also known as new Murree and is the most developed area in Murree. It is highly known for chair lifts and cable cars. People come to enjoy the ride over murree hills in cable car system; the ride is of about 7km long.

One of the hot spot for newlyweds is Burban which is beautified with 5 star Pearl continental hotel and a nine holes Golf course. It is situated at an altitude of about 6000ft and is situated at 13km from Murre.

Other well known places in murree are kashmire point, Neelam valley, and pindi point etc.