Naga Parbat-highest mountain range

Nagna Parbat is also famous as Nagaparbat Peakor Diamir, it is the ninth heights peak on earth and in Pakistan administered Kashmir it is the second highest peak. Naga Parbat means “Naked Mountain” it is derived from Parvata meaning “mountain”. This is a very serious climb, it is also very huge and is very dramatic peak and is go up high from its surrounding topology.

Location: to the Himalayas Naga Parbat is western anchor, to the Indus River it lies just south of it, in the Astore district of the Azad Kashmir. Not at a long distance to the North is the western stop of the Karakoram Range.

Tourist entrance: on the North side of the Naga Parbat is the Fairy Meadows, at few kilometers to the south of the Indus River and Karakoram Highway. From the Raikot Bridge on the Karakoram High way Fairy Meadows can be reached. Local jeeps at Raikot can be hired for the trip to Tatu Village, after that horses and porters can be hired to go further. From Tatu Village Fairy Meadows are about 3 to 4 hours walk. It is said to be the best place to view the magnificent view of the Naga Parbat. Due to its majestic scenery, a Willy Merkl, the leader of German-American trip gave it the name of Fairy meadows.

Almost all the tourist who comes to see Naga Parbat resided at Fairy Meadows, it is at a height of 3,300m, simple food and tents are available here. Raikot Sarai is one of the famous tourist resorts. At Naga Parbat most of the visitors also carry on the standard base camps.