Natural history in Pakistan Museum

Pakistan Museum

There are five galleries in the Pakistan Museum for natural history. All these galleries show different facts of nature.

Palaeo Glarrey:

The Palaeo Gallery shows in glass cases the fossils. Also have skeleton of Elephant and Giraffes also present in this museum. In addition to this, on the gallery walls beautiful paintings are hanging showing the past time when man has to fight for his survival to wild animals.

Eco Gallery:

The focal point of the eco gallery is the ecosystem and the contact of different living organisms with their surroundings. In the gallery there are many glass cases giving you information related to the habitats and lifecycles of fishes, birds, insects and etc. An astonishing display of food chain is also present in one corner of the gallery.

Gems Gallery:

Different precious and semi precious stones are present in the Pakistan are shows in the Gem Gallery of the Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

Tethys Gallery:

The Tethys Gallery is all about ocean life.

Boi gallery:

While the main Focus of the Bio gallery in on the diversity of animals and plants present in Pakistan.

Everyone who visit Islamabad or residence of Islamabad they must have to visit the Pakistan Museum, although they are not interested in the Natural history but they have to go and see its colourful and beautiful displays of the important information and it will definitely create your interest in the subject.