Neelam Valley-Paradise on Earth

Neelam Valley is the valley of springs, fountains, waterfalls, plants and trees surrounded by snow covered mountains and is around 4000m above sea height. This 90mile long bow shaped valley is situated in the North-South of Muzaffarabad and has majestic deodar, pine and fir. This valley makes the dream comes true with its picturesque beauty, towering hills, panoramic views, lush green forest, tall green trees and enchanting streams that is why it is named as “Paradise on Earth”.

Neelam Valley is named “Neelam” because it has Neelam river  on its both sides. It is surrounded by skyscraping peaks and mountains. It is the forest wealth of the entire Azad Kashmir.

Neelam Valley characterized beautiful hills with lush green grass and the fascinating river that flows along roadside up to Machiara from Muzaffarabad.  The sceneries circling the road are exhilarating and the beauty and feelings are not parallel to any other parts in the entire world. Geographically it is among the most hospitable valley swaying snow covered mountains, lush green forests and streams singing songs of happiness and joys making it altogether a Naturalist’s wonderland. It is the hot spot for mountain tourists. Other than Naga Parbat, Massif also falls in this region which is highly dominated by “Sarwaali Peak” one of the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir. Hill tops are roofed with lush green forests and crops.

At various places the residents of the valley built rope crossings over the river. It is very dangerous but is thrilling and excited at the same time and is an attraction for the visitors.

Valley is enriched with Deodar, Wild walnuts, fir, pine, Strawberry and some other kinds of herbs etc.  Though it is invaluable in terms of economy but its natural growth offers charismatic sceneries.

If you are planning to visit during May-October it will be synonym to an escape from scorching heat of hell to cold, romantic breeze of Paradise. Temperature is constant between 65F-90F in summer. The first snow fall hits the valley in October and sometimes snowfall may occur in September.