Neelum valley is situated in the Kashmir region of Pakistan. The shape of Neelum valley is like a long bow which is 145 km long. Neelum valley is located in the north east of Muzaffarabad running along with the valley of Kaghan. Neelam and Kaghan valleys are divided by snow covered peaks, which is over 4200 km above from sea level. It’s a beautiful view having hills on both sides of Neelum River, green forest this attractive surrounding make this valley like a paradise. It is named after River Neelum .It is called Neelum because of its bluish water. There is a contradiction going on that this valley was named after a precious stone called Neelum (Sapphire).River enter from Taobutt and flows through narrows and through different streams along the way and finally mix with River Jhelum in Muzaffarabad. All the forest lying in Azad Kashmir found in this part of valley.

There are two routes to enter in Neelum valley one of the route is Neelum road from Muzaffarabad and other is from Kaghan Julkhad Road. This valley is renowned for its greenery, hills and waterfalls. There is large number of Tourist in summer; Azad Jammu and Kashmir tourism Department built guest houses for the tourists. Many good hotels are also situated in this region. Neelum valley is a beautiful valley consisting of about 380 small and large villages having population of around Hundred Thousand. This valley has Heterogeneous population having different customs and traditions. This whole valley gives beautiful and fascinating scenery. This valley has famous places like Shounter Pass, Noori top, Baboon, Kel, Surgon and many other popular and beautiful places. There is a gigantic fall in these areas for e.g. Nanga Parbat which is dominated by Sarwali peak which is one of the highest mountains in Azad Kashmir. Like Kaghan valley this valley is also famous for its fishing spots.