Noor Mahal- palace of lights

Bahawalpur is a former princely state but still it carries the charm of its rich past from strong forts to magnificent palaces to spiritual shrines. But the most precious stone in the crown of Bahawalpur is “Noor Mahal”, a palace of lights. According to the famous lore, Nawab Saddique Muhammad Khan IV had constructed this palace for his wife, but she rejected to live there because of its nearness to the graveyard.  Constructed on neoclassical shapes, its construction was completed in 1875 and it covers an area of 44, 600 sq ft. Noor Mahal was acknowledged as National monument and army of Pakistan put two years to reconstruct this building. Now this beautiful building is open to the visitors and also serves as army mess. Its magnificent façade and its amazing interiors were put aside for drama serial “Noor Bano”, a modern time fairy tale.  Noor Mahal is very beautifully maintained and when someone visit it, it gives them the glimpses of old time and also have modern decorations that are all make Noor Mahal the amazing masterpiece. This is also an amazing picture of the old architect and now it is reconstructed with latest technique but maintaining the old traditional look. It is also used for meeting with foreign delegations and also holding state durbars and also used as a state guest house.