Noori Jam Tamachi-memory of great lovers

The land of Sind is full of folk tales of divine and eternal love. Sufi saints have always given the examples of love in their Kalams. Shah Abdul Latif has also talked about seven famous folk talks in his collection of poetry called “Shah jo Risalo”. One of the famous folklore used as a symbol for the musical notes “Sur” in his collection is Noori Jam Tamachi.

Around 14th Century A.D, in lower Sind was a Samma ruler named Jam Tamachi. He used to go to Kenjhar lake at the base of Hillaya hill for sailing and hunting in the royal barge. Kenjhar Lake is a lake situated 16 miles away from Thatta. During the time of Jam Tamachi, Thatta was the capital city and the lake was a good hunting ground as it was surrounded by thick woods. King Jam Tamachi loved to see the glowing waters and the fishermen and their women fishing from his palace which was built on the Hillaya hill.

On one fine day, when he was relaxing and watching the fishing activities of the fishermen from his barge, he came across to see a pretty girl named “Noori” and her face was glowing like the moon. She was the daughter of a fisherman. Their eyes meet together and they bound in love. Without considering the social difference between them, King Jam Tamachi proved his true love for Noori and got married with her and made her the Queen of Sind. When Jam Tamachi returned to his dynasty with Noori, all the queens showed their hatred for Noori and failed to accept her as a queen. But the king stood for Noori and gave him all the respect and love she deserves. They both spent the rest of the life happily and when Noori died, King Jam Tamachi buried her in the middle of the Kenjhar Lake. Kenjhar has now become a tourist spot and the people who visit Kenjhar Lake, must go the grave of “Noori” to see the symbol of divine love.